Cultured Marble Mold & 

Equipment Packages

Whether you start large or small, every factory we set up is an exciting project. Below are some various size mold and equipment packages but keep in mind that every factory we set up is unique so changes are expected.

Your molds are the backbone of your cultured marble business so your mold selection is very important. We have a huge selection of molds to choose from but what is most important is that your final mold selection is versatile and will produce products that are popular in your area and will give you the biggest return on your investment. Some molds are more popular domestically and there are others that may be more popular in some overseas markets. There is a lot to keep in mind when it comes to a final mold selection so, on the last day of your training class we will sit down with you to put together a package of molds which is perfect for you.

An efficient Cultured Marble Manufacturing System (Equipment) is crucial to be competitive. We will probably have as many questions for you as you will for us. We want to put together the most efficient factory possible and stay within budget so we will reserve time to discuss the many factors that are necessary to design your system.

We have floor plans available for each of the packages below. To see some examples of floor plans, scroll to the bottom of this page:

(Click the package links on the left to see the list of molds and equipment in each package)

Package # 1

This would be the smallest factory that I would recommend for establishing a new cultured marble factory. This package has a minimal amount of equipment and mold storage but still has a complete ‘system’ that allows you to move the molds through the manufacturing process.  This floor will require about 3,000 square feet, or 280 square meter.  It includes molds to manufacture bathtubs, shower pans, vanity tops, shower surrounds, wall paneling, bathtub decks, table tops, counter tops, window sills, trim molding and some of the necessary accessories like soap dishes, toilet paper holders, soap/shampoo holders.

Package # 2

This package will produce everything that the #1 Package but will give you more daily production and can sustain itself.  It has three times the set up lines, twice the mold storage and a larger matrix blender.  This package also includes a grinding booth which will minimize the dust and contamination in your factory.  This factory will produce bathtubs, shower pans, vanity tops, shower surrounds, wall paneling, bathtub decks, table tops, counter tops, window sills, trim molding soap dishes, toilet paper holders, soap/shampoo holders in addition having a greater capacity to produce more vanity tops, a fixed size shower pan and a column mold.

Package # 3

This package of molds is more diverse in that it has everything that is included in the #2 package but also allows you to produce vanity tops with bullnose edges, pedestal sinks, a larger variety of bowl styles, larger selection of shower pan molds and kitchen sinks.

Package # 4

This package has the capacity of producing considerably more marble (pounds/kilograms per day) than the previous packages.  There is considerably more mold storage than in the #3 floor plan, more vibrating tables, a larger matrix blender, and more set up and demold lines.  One important addition to this package is a curing tunnel/oven.  This will shorten your curing time considerably, giving you much higher production.   More mold + more equipment = higher production capacity.

Package # 5

More molds, more equipment, and a larger variety of mold styles.  As you’ll see, this has some equipment not in the smaller packages above, including a top of the line dust filtration system, saving valuable heating and/or air conditioning dollars.  This package also has a larger selection of molds.

Package # 6

This package has more of everything, including an additional blender to make some of those unique formulas you’ll learn in training.  This certainly isn’t the largest factory we can produce, but a factory this size will allow you to produce more than a new manufacturer will be able to produce in the beginning.  If you’re interested in pouring solid surface, let us know and we can put together a factory to produce only solid surface, or a combination of cultured marble and solid surface.


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