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We train all of our customers who purchase a mold and equipment package to be successful entrepreneurs, manufacturing superior quality cultured marble and other cast polymer products.

Training is the most important part in establishing a factory so we conduct training in a working factory so you can learn every aspect of manufacturing.  We take your training very seriously and use a step-by-step approach to make it very easy to comprehend.  In a classroom environment, we’ll use a chalk board to write down every formula and technique and we’ll make sure every individual masters each step before moving on to the next. 

You’ll obviously be trained on factory safety, the required raw materials and the various formulas & techniques that are included on the Formulas page but throughout the week we’ll also be discussing mold selection. We spend a great deal of time discussing molds because the molds are what will determine which products you will be manufacturing.  While some molds more versatile than others, some require less labor.  You will learn all these details in training and on the last day of training we will sit down with you and make any changes to the mold package you want, taking out molds you do not want to include in your package and adding those you do want. We want you to be able to produce as many products with as few molds as possible because we know that as your success grows you will expand and require additional molds.

Training in a working factory will allow you to have first hand experience using all of the equipment in the manufacturing system.  By the end of the week you’ll know exactly what each piece of equipment is, how to assemble it and what it will do for you.  We want you to have a proportional amount of equipment-to-mold ratio and take into consideration your building size, budget, production expectations and labor costs.  Again, on the last day of training we will go over all the details pertaining to equipment and build you the perfect equipment package to serve your needs.

After you leave training you will be fully armed to set up your factory and start production with a passion for quality and without having to resort to costly trial-and-error methods. You will be supplied with the knowledge to manufacture the products, the molds that you know matches your market, a production line manufacturing system that will maximize production, a very detailed 45 chapter training manual and the comfort knowing we are always there to have your back and provide you support when you need it.  If you want us to come to your factory to train your employees, we will make that available to you as well.

We want every new start-up factory to experience success from the start.  With over 20 years training experience behind us we know our training program will allow you to return home with the skills to start producing quality products from the start.  Starting out with the right molds, equipment, technical know-how and support is a formula for success.

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