Shipping Photos

Here are a couple of shipments of cultured marble molds, equipment, and supplies that are being loaded into containers for overseas factories. These particular shipments include some raw materials to expedite setting up the factory and production. It takes about eight weeks to have everything ready to ship.

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Packing Cultured Marble Modular Molds for shipping Packing Cultured Marble Modular Molds for shipping
  Wall Panel and Window Sill Mold crated and packaged... ready to ship.  Misc supplies ready to go into the container  Bathtub and modular molds crated and packaged for container shipment overseas 
Wall Panel Mold, Window Sill Mold, Adjustable Shower Pan, Floor Tile mold ready for shipment.  A small quantity of Marble Resin, Onyx Resin, Solid Surface Resin & Gel Coat ready for shipment  Spray Granite Filler ready to go into the container  Onyx Filler
Getting ready to Load the Wall Panel Mold Cultured Marble Blender. The larger equipment ships separately.  The container has arrived! Loading Container Loading Container
  Getting there. Almost full.  The resins go in last. Finished Loading. Final Bracing. Container Doors Closed. A container full of cultured marble molds, equipment, supplies and raw materials is sealed. Won't get unsealed until it reaches its overseas destination. It's on the way. I'll meet you there.

Loading another container of Cultured Marble Molds Modular Sink Molds - Sample Molds - End Splash Molds Cultured Marble Molds - Resin Sample Many small cultured marble molds in large crate Large Textured Finished Floor and Wall Panel Molds A cultured marble factory in progress
Floating Bowl Molds - Modular Speed Molds - Accessory Molds Freight Forwarder Loading Molds Simplicity in Loading Wall Panel Molds Molds designed with integrated forklift hole Paying attention to Detail - Wall Panel Mold - Loading made easy
Moving 60" X 120" Textured Flooring Mold Loading Mold into Container - Moving made simple One Cultured Marble Mold down - 39 foot to go. Measuring. Packing it tight
Almost Full One cultured marble factory I recommend a small sampling of resins shipped with molds
Finished! Close the container doors
The container is sealed till it reaches customer I'll meet you on the other end

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