Full Factory Equipment List & Layout

A typical Cultured Marble Factory Layout with Equipment list

No two factories buildings are alike so the layout will vary in each factory. The equipment system that is necessary for each factory is unique depending on the building's dimensions, quantity of molds, and what is being manufactured.  For example, some want to manufacture only cultured marble, some want to produce solid surface, and others want to do both.  But, keep in mind that the equipment is designed to allow you to add layers of equipment as your business grows, eliminating the need to buy 'everything' from the start.

Below is a drawing of a medium size cultured marble factory.  I will add two more factory layouts here soon so you can see a small, a medium, and a large factory layout. Obviously the cost of an equipment package will vary, depending on all of the above.  The best place to start is by sending me your building dimensions and we can work together to build an equipment package to fit your needs and budget.  My philosophy is to buy what is required to begin, and use profits to add additional equipment as your production dictates.

Cultured Marble Factory Equipment Layout

Quantity Equipment Description
1 Gel Coat Spray booth with exhaust stack pkg. 380V/50Hz or 220V/60Hz 3-phase
1 Gel Coat Spray cart @ 12 ft. long., pneumatic/hydraulic operation
2 pair V-guide floor rails @ 30 ft. long.
2 Gel Coat curing lines @ 36 ft. long
2 Set up lines @ 36 ft. long.
1 Set up work bench @ 20 ft. long.
1 Set up work bench @ 10 ft. long.
1 Demold storage line @ 36 ft. long.
1 Transfer scissors lift @ 12 ft. long., 12V D.C. operation
2 Vibrating pouring tables @ 12 ft. long.
1 150, 250, 350 lbs blenders. 110V/220V, 50/60 Hz, 3-phase
1 Extra 150, 250, 350 lbs blender pot
1 Stainless steel pot wash tank w/fusible fire safety link
2 Multiple level cure/storage racks, double wide, 4 level @ 12 ft. long.
1 Exhaust style dust collection grinding booth. 380V/50Hz or 220V/60Hz 3-phase
2 Open center style finishing/buffing lines @ 26 ft. long.
1 Stainless steel solvent wash tank w/fusible fire safety link

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