Textured Finished Flooring

with Cultured Marble

One of your big selling points as a cultured marble manufacturer is being able to provide your customers with ‘seamless’ products.  Your cultured marble vanity tops with the built-in bowl and back splash have no seams, therefore there is no place for dirt to hide.  The shower surround wall panels are an easy sell for the very same reason since there are no grout lines that stain, and breed mold and mildew.

If I am promoting my products as ‘seamless’ and I intend to sell flooring, I also want to introduce my customers to ‘seamless’ flooring as well.  I can make seamless slate finished textured flooring up to 5 foot by 10 foot that will have no seams or grout lines.  Not only is it easy to keep clean, it matches the other cultured marble items I’ve installed in that same bathroom such as the bathtub, shower pan, shower wall panels, vanity top, etc.

All of your molds will have a radius.  This allows you to de-mold your products when they are cured.  The 12" X 12" Textured Floor Tile mold is no exception.  When you remove the 12" floor tiles from the mold, each piece will have a small radius around the edges.  Therefore, when you place the floor tiles side-by-side, this radius makes your grout lines look even wider, as you can see in the photo below on the right.  

My opinion is, if you plan on making bathroom flooring in your cultured marble factory, you may want to use the large 60" x 120" slate finish panel to make one-piece flooring rather than the eight cavity 12" slate finish floor tile mold.  But both type molds are available, so you decide which you prefer.

Click the images to see larger view of the molds and the products

Textured Finished Wallpanel Mold Textured Finished Flooring 72" X 96" Textured Flooring or Wall Panle Mold


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