Cultured Marble Factory Training
FACTORY TRAINING: These photos were taken during training at some customers cultured marble factories. We worked hard, learned alot but had some good times along the way.  You can see some of the cultured marble factory layout drawings of these factories at the bottom of this page.

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Cultured Marble Factory Showroom. Some employees that were trained The local press was invited for a factory tour Another photo of the press factory tour. Showing factory layout. Group Photo of Emplooyees in Training
Cultured Marble on All Purpose - Floating Bowl Mold Polishing double bowl cultured marble vanity top Details - Learning Weights and Dimensions to produce cultured onyx One of our first masterpieces; soap/shampoo shower accessory Gelcoat spray system
Shower surround - wall panel mold and soap dish Leaning pouring techniques Making large cultured marble table top on wall panel mold
Training on Special Onyx Technique Detailing finished cultured marble product Conference Table from Wall Panel Mold
Mixing shelf they made with the crating materials The start of the showroom Setting up a banjo vanity top on All Purpose Mold Cultured marble molds conveyor equipment Custom cultured marble vanity top on wall panel mold
Bathtub Mold for Cultured Marble, Onyx, or Granite Cultured Marble Bathtub Double Bowl Vanity Top. Factory layout in background Learning Textured Finishes, Colors & Veining (Hmmm) All Smiles - Proudly displaying our first two-tone sink
Some of our first pieces - cultured marble, onyx, and granite Tortoise Shell & Onyx sample panels Last night out. Factory conference room doubled as a training classroom. Segun & Lekan. Twonew factory owners

Cultured Marble Factory Training Making cultured marble shelves for showroom Training - Setting up shower surrounds and sinks on wall panel mold
The Onyx Reception Counter we made during training.

Setting up a new 2000 Sq Meter factory
Setting up cultured marble factory equipment - Multi Level Storage Racks Cultured marble factory equipment set up. Conveyor lines to move the molds
It's coming along. Almost complete. Gel Coat Spray Booth Factory Setup Complete Dust Collector - Grinding Booth Cultured Marble "L" shaped counter top.
Training: Cultured Marble Shower Pan. Onyx Panel. Solid Surface Vacuum Blender Setting up "L" shaped counter top on Wall Panel Mold
Our first cultured marble sink.
Left View of Factory Center View of Factory Rigth View of Factory
Mold Storage Rack Adjustable Mold Storage Rack Adjustable Mold/Cure Storage Rack
Tilt/Rotate Gel Coat Spray Cart

Another Factory Training in Europe. Pouring a vessel sink. Pouring cultured marble on a Bullnose vanity top mold. Many sink bowl styles to choose from.
Dora - The master of everything in the factory. Pouring a Kitchen sink mold. Flexible Marble Flexible Granite Counter.
Bullnose edged mold with floating bowl mold.
Solid Colors, Two Tone Marble/Onyx - Diamond Bowl. Drop In Bathtub.
Vanity Top with Shell Bowl. Cultured Marble Two Tone sink with Canadian Bowl.
School Bus Yellow Two Tone sink with Recessed Shell Bowl. Solid Color Cultured Marble. So many bowl styles to choose from. Small Kitchen Sink. Toitoise Shell Round Table Top.
Fleur De Lis Onyx Pedestal Sink. Making Two Tone Sink on Bullnose All Purpose No-Bowl Mold. Hardware for Undermount sinks in Countertops. Round Drop-In Sink Mold.
Learning Template Technique for Spray Granite Table Top. Pouring over spray granite for table top. On Wall Panel Mold. Spray Granite Table Top. Hexagon Spray Granite Vanity Top Sink.
Oval Two Tone Sink. Drop-In Bathtub Assembly. Cultured Marble Shell Style Vaity Top. Two Tone.

Another factory Training Group

The all-famous chalk board for writing formulas and techniques. Waxing Molds. Preparing Shower Pan Mold to Pour Marble.
Testing curing time for their local resin. Triple Bowl Vanity Top. All Purpose/No Bowl with Floating Bowl Molds Pictures work where language sometimes does not.
More drawings. Who needs a translator? Factory employees listening intently. Proudly showing his first cultured marble panel.

Solid Color Cultured Marble Cultured Marble Panel on Wall Panel Mold- Marble Dust - Limestone - Calcium Carbonate Filler

We're coming!
Fresh off the plane... visiting one of their projects. Managers at solid surface factory we set up. Room with a view. China Sea.
Detailing our finished products. Setting up Diamond Floating Bowl on No Bowl All Purpose Mold. Pouring our Hot Pink! two tone vanity top. Two Tone Cultured Marble Vanity Top
The crew. Language is never a barrier.
Learning Bullnose Edges. Bullnose Edges
Training in temporary quarters till new building constructed. Some of our practice pieces. Image Inlay, Tortoise Shell, etc.
Flexible Tortoise Shell. Lunch cooked at the factory. So many choices. Onyx - Granite - Marble
Seamless Textured Flooring Mold Inlay Spray Granite
Image Flower Inlay. Granite/Onyx Two-Tone Soap Dish Solid Surface Densified Material for Kitchen Countertops

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