Miscellaneous Accessories

These small miscellaneous molds are a great way to turn ‘trash into cash’.  It’s as easy to throw your left-over matrix into these little molds as it is to throw them in the trash can.  If nothing else, they can make you some great cultured marble promotional items.  A fireplace mold can be a hot item in some locations.

Fireplace Surround

73" Eight Cavity Chamfer Threshold Mold
Six Cavity 96" Door Jam Trim Mold
90" Step Skirt Mold
12" X 42" Textured Step Mold
12" X 52" Textured Step Mold
Facial Tissue Face Plug

14 1/4" Oval Corner Seat Mold 18 1/4" Oval Corner Shower Seat Mold
Toothbrush Holder Mold


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